“You have this weird thing on your website”

Ariel Tarr, The Illuminated Table
Ariel Tarr,The Illuminated Table
I built my first website in HTML as part of a outdated course. I had big problems with JQuery that I could not fix for months. When I tried to add a blog and it didn’t work. When people kept telling me “You have this weird thing on your website,” I finally decided to start again from scratch.

The new website is really clean

Creating the website with Kai was not complicated at all, he made it very easy. And I know how to change things like adding the Facebook or Instagram buttom. It’s easy to navigate and works well with search engines. I like the homepage where you can scroll down, the testimonial section and the frequently asked questions. The things that Kai added, the newsletter and the notifications about our workshops are good, too. Everything is there.

Our workshop sold out in 48 hours!

It gives our workshops more credibility and makes our business look established. Participants have more confidence in their choice. On the new website, our workshop sold out in 48 hours! I definitely recommend Kai as a website developer.

Ariel Tarr, The Illuminated Table WorkshopsMontreal, QC, Canada

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“I am very cautious about the people I work with”

Chaim Shoham, The Green Panther
They need to have an understanding of how I run my business and what I want to achieve. Otherwise I explain and explain again. And the results look right on the surface, but they lack substance.

Our website was a dinosaur

Outdated looks and layout. Missing functionality. And it wasn’t ready for mobile devices.

Kai is realistic about where he is, his capabilities and what he delivers

He synthesize all the inspirational websites I gave him and came up with a direction that was new to the Green Panther, yet still included who we are and what we do.

There was a very good synergy, understanding and communication between us

Ideas were passing well both ways. He thoroughly explained to me what he wanted to do and came up with good examples. His structured approach made it very clear and easy for me to decide the direction.

Kai came up with a lot of creative solutions to what we wanted to do

I particularly like the new layout, the scroll-down with large images and the visual effects. The pictures are beautiful. The new site is clean, coherent and aesthetically very pleasant. It looks modern, but unique to us.

I recommend Kai’s services 100%

Chaim Shoham, The Green PantherMontreal, QC, Canada

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You need to make a change and don’t know how to do it

Valérie Nourissat,Wine Consultant
I wanted independence and being able to do it myself. And I wanted to get started. As part of Marie Forleo’s B-School, they explain how to build a website. I tried everything they taught but then I realized I needed someone like Kai if I wanted to take my business to the next level.

Before it was just a blog now it’s a professional website

He didn’t wait to get the work done. Once he started, it wasn’t just a job for him. He really involved himself. I liked with Kai that he can do the tech part but he also goes deeper. He gave me a tip to read that book, the “Brain Audit” and it was a very good recommendation.

Sometimes, I’m a little bit chaotic

For example when people came to my website it wasn’t clear what I was doing. There was music and blog posts and my guide. Kai helped me to start at the beginning and structure my work better. Now my message is clear and more impactful.

Kai is someone I can trust, that’s important as well. I already recommended you to my accountability partner.

Valérie Nourissat, Wine ConsultantMontreal, QC, Canada

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“It took me almost a year from the idea to the finally have a website”

Ali Moragheb,
Word With Us
The whole project felt so big, I didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t want something sterile that everyone else had, but something elaborate and written well, that speaks to me. But I also didn’t want to spend too much money either because I am starting off. Feeling alone in the, I got stuck and kept delaying.

Suddenly I had a partner

Kai is very professional, positive and calm. He understood my agitation and offered ideas, strategies or results. Right away, he broke down the emotional barrier, the invisible wall I was facing. He’s hard working, passionate and handled everything very well. Determined, but not pushy. He asked all the right questions. Even though he’s not part of my industry, whenever he wrote about it, I felt like he knows.

My website came out really well

There are so many things I like about it…pretty much everything. It really represents who I am. Without overselling, it shows how I work. When I read it, I can see myself. I almost don’t mind if people like it or not because it’s so true and exactly how I want to do things.

I recommend Kai’s services to everyone who feels as stuck as I did

He asked one question, what’s the password for your server, and took it from there. I didn’t have to do anything else. With this huge weight off my shoulders, I could do the things I am good at and where I’m comfortable: finding clients and building my business. If I wanted to create the text for my website, I’d have to take a week off and go somewhere, clear my mind. Then, maybe, it might work.

There’s a thin line between marketing and bragging about yourself

Kai excelled at capturing me. He didn’t write the neutral things that most company’s have on their websites. Everything is personal. But what stood out most about Kai is that he knows marketing and consumers. Even though he’s not in the translation business, he understood how to market my services. I kept thinking “He got it.” I could not have built the same website with anyone else.

Ali Moragheb, Word With UsMontreal, QC, Canada

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The result looked very amateurish

Valeria Bismar,Photographer
I tried one of the platforms that offer DIY websites until I realized I spent too much time on that instead of doing my job. And the result looked still amateurish. When I asked around, people were throwing these high prices without even listening to what I had in mind.

As a freelancer in my first year, I couldn’t afford it

Kai offered me a website with all the features I wanted while keeping the price very reasonable. He was flexible and presented different options until the website featured my photographs exactly how I wanted it.

Starting a business can be costly and time consuming

That’s why I recommend Kai and his service. I got what I wanted for the price I could pay.

Valeria Bismar, Freelance PhotographerMontreal, QC, Canada

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I almost lost my focus when making all these choices

Rene Lacerte,Marketing Consultant
There are so many different possibilities to build a website. Until I met Kai, the whole process was very time consuming. After our initial discussion, he generated a proposal with 4 variations.

Kai kept listening to me

He was flexible throughout the process and integrated all of my requests without making me feel like someone who doesn’t know what he wants. He worked fast and did everything from programming to integrating social media and essential tools like Survey Monkey. He even organized a photo shoot for the images on the site.

I stayed within budget and got the professional image I was looking for

Since Kai is offering a hosting service, I’m thinking of switching to him. All the monitoring would be easier as part of his one stop shop.

René Lacerte, Marketing & Customer Experience ConsultantBeloeil, QC, Canada

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I understood the limitations

The many do-it-yourself apps are ok in the beginning, but soon it became clear that I could not realize my objectives with them. I asked Kai if he could build my website with WordPress. We discussed the various facets of the various website objectives including marketing.

He was thrilled to help

Kai had the site up and running within a few days and taught me how to make any changes. The process was smooth and I was very pleased with the quality of the work. Whenever I had some issues with the site, Kai was always ready to fix the issues very quickly.

His e-marketing know-how is precious

He also has website building and technical expertise. On top of that, he is a good listener and always makes sure he understood me well. Then he rapidly built a stunning and hassle-free website.

I like working with Kai and I recommend his services to any small business.

Maxime, Coach,

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